Motorized Zebra blinds

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Scope of supply:
• Zebra blind with aluminium track
• 1-channel hand-held emitter
• Preassembled DC tubular motor (Item no.: ERSDC3808-35)
• Fastening material:
a) clamp brackets for window and door wings
b) wall and ceiling brackets
• Instructions for the installation of the blind, operation manual for the tubular motor

Optional accessories:
• 4, 5, 6 ,16-channel emitter for the operation of up to 16 separate blinds 
• Charger for the DC tubular motor (Item no.: HR1200LA-7.4-USB), alternatively common smartphone chargers with Micro-USB plug can be used.
• Transparent bottom track
• Aluminum housing (Item no.: RH38-01 for Ø 35 mm tubular motor and for Ø 50 mm round shaft item no.: RH50-01)

* Please note:
a. The indicated measurements refer to the total width of the blind. The fabric is approx. 3 cm smaller (See p.21f)

b. The maximum thickness of the connection element should not exceed 25 mm and may not be less than 5 mm, because the clamp brackets are only adjustable in this area.

c. The mounted blind protrudes approx. 8 cm beyond the wing. Depending on the window frame mounting this can reduce the opening angle (90°) of the window or door wing
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